The international trade and logistics sectors are continuously evolving and are the key factors the global economy has seen extraordinary development upon the years.

On the same page, during the last decade the e-commerce has boosted the international trade giving the possibility for a wider audience reach which results on the development of all related sectors including logistics working together as communicative vessels.

In KRGO Consulting we have more than a decade experience in international trade, logistics & consulting in three continents (Asia, Europe & Latin America) and our team has the know-how and experience to consult you and your team in order to drive your business one step forward and to arrive to the desired result.

KRGO Consulting offers services in international trade, in logistics as well as in training to different organizations and individuals. Our services have been used from customers all over the world and we know how to adapt to different cultures and situations.

We are passionate in helping companies grow and evolve. We assist our customers with their projects no matter what the industry is. Due to our business acumen and international experience, we have the capacity to adapt accordingly.

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Our mission is to optimize and enhance our customer’s businesses as well as molding through training the upcoming professionals.


Our vision is to be a world-class service supplier and to offer a wide range of services ensuring excellence.

Our Values
  • Customer focus
  • Result-oriented
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm & Passion
  • Long-term view
  • Collaboration


International Trade Service

International trade is a complex part of doing international business for both imports and exports. It implies several tasks such as market research and analysis, travelling, logistics and transportation, verification of a buyer, a seller and the product as well as to consider the language and culture barriers.

KRGO Consulting has the experience, the presence and the partners in several parts of the world able to give multiple services.

Due to our extensive experience in various countries in international trade we are offering services such as factory audit, quality & quantity inspections, sourcing of products, representation in international fairs, new product development and manufacturing, translation services, market research and training among others, in order to provide a comprehensive service to our customers.

  • Procure and connect with potential buyers and partners
  • Product sourcing
  • Quality and quantity inspections
  • Representation in International exhibitions
  • Training of personnel
  • Optimize processes
  • Product development and manufacturing
  • China market penetration
  • Translation services
  • Market research
  • Representative office



Logistics and international transportations are characterized as one the most fragmented industries with many parties involved for just one transaction.

Its importance however is significant as it supplies the world with different products, from food products to machinery, and without it the world wouldn’t operate on the same way.

KRGO Consulting has global logistics experience and can guide you to plan and optimize your logistics process from the international transportation, warehousing and customs clearance to product distribution.

  • Assistance in international and national transportations
  • Export and Import process and cost preparation
  • Sourcing of service vendors and partners
  • Sourcing of warehouse equipment
  • Warehousing
  • Gateway planning



Training programs are essential to success of business worldwide. It makes an important impact to the company and to the individuals as it boosts their morale, promotes productivity and performance and reduces supervision for the companies and increases independency for individuals. This results to increased revenue for the company and to increased personal value for individuals.

With the numerous years of “hands on” experience in the international trade and logistics sector we have established courses for organizations and individuals that would like to expand their knowledge and succeed in business and their professional lives.

  • International Trade (Exports & Imports)
  • Sales
  • Incoterms and more


KRGO Consulting has strategic like-minded partners in many places globally and is a member of various organizations, which is giving access to updated information all year around and to various services offering an added value to its customers.

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